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        1.My__________ (理想的) home is the one with lots of trees and flowers in the garden.
        2.There are some small shops ____________ (在…..对面) our school.
        3.What’s on the ___________ (架子) ? There are a lot of books on them.
        4.He often __________(爬)a ladder to get upstairs onto the second floor.
        5.The ____________ (第九)lesson is a little easy.
        6.The w______ desk is made of wood.
        7.You should be f________ to your friends because they are all kind to you.
        8.My English teacher lives next to my house. She is my n________
        9.It’s too noisy (吵闹,喧哗). Let’s find a q________ place to talk about our plan.
        10.His brother is having a shower in the b____________
        1.Do you want ___________ (live) in a house in the country?
        2.Everyone in our family __________ (like) to watch Lucky 52,
        3.Liu Xiang is good at __________(run).
        4.I tell the students __________(not talk) in class.
        5.It takes him two hours _________ (finish) _________(do) his homework.
        6.Do you know how many ___________(month) there are in a year?
        7.Simon___________(call) Jack_________(tell) him about his new school at present.
        8.Will she _______(share) her presents with you?
        1.Jim is ________11-year-old boy.
        A .an   B. a   C .the   D. /
        2.We can find clean bowls and plates in the kitchen________.
        A. sofa   B. computer   C. cupboard  D. fridge
        3._______ is the capital of Britain.
        A. Paris   B. London   C. Washington D.C.  D. Sydney
        4.Which book is _________, this one or that one ?
        A. better   B. best     C. the better  D. good
        5.Which is your favourite after you have seen so many houses?
        A. the biggest one  B. the bigger one  C. the big one  D. the biggest ones
        6.The teacher asked us to listen to her_______.
        A. carefully    B. careful     C. more careful  D. careless
        7.I want to buy this pair of jeans. Can I_______?
        A. try on them   B .try them on   C. try it on   D. try on it
        1.I’d like to sit next to the supermarket. (划线部分提问)
        ___________ __________you like to live?
        2.My house has two floors. (同义句)
        ___________ __________ two floors________ ________ _________.
        3.His home is not the same as my home. (同义句)
        His home is _________ ________ _____________
        4.It rains a lot in Thailand. (同义句)
        There _________ __________ _____________rain in Thailand.
        5.There is a ruler on the pencil-box. there is an English book under it. (同义句)
        The pencil-box _________ ____________ a ruler ______an English book.
        1.There is an old bridge________ the river.
        2.  I like the skirt _______ some flowers on it.
        3.  Can you finish the work ________his help?
        4.  The boy is looking _________ the sea ___________the window.
        5.  It’s quite cold. The temperature is _____0ºC.
        6.  You can’t see the hat. It’s _______ the door.
        7.  Wash your hands ________ meals.
        8.  Don’t stay _______. Please come in.
        1. 他经常同时听音乐和写信。                                    
        2. 我每天至少要散步半小时。                                        
        3. 你住在哪层楼?我和我的家人住在三楼。                         
        Swimming is very popular in summer. People like swimming in summer because water makes them 1 cool. But if you swim in a 2 place, it may not be safe(安全)These years, more than ten people 3 while they were enjoying themselves in the water and 4 of them were students.But some people are 5 not careful in swimming. They often think they swim so 6 that nothing can happen(发生)to them in water. Summer is here again. If you go swimming in summer, don’t forget 7 better swimmers have died (死) in water. They died because they were not careful, not because they 8 swim. So don’t get into water when you are alone(单独的). 9 there is a “No Swimming” sign, don’t get into water, 10. If you remember these, swimming will be safer.

        (   )1. A. felt    B. feel     C. feeling  D. to feel
        (   )2. A. difficult  B. small    C. right   D. wrong
        (   )3. A. died   B. die     C. have died D. will die
        (   )4. A. much   B. most    C. lot    D. more
        (   )5. A. yet    B. already   C. still   D. even
        (   )6. A. fast   B. often    C. well   D. hard
        (   )7. A. what   B. that     C. which   D. who
        (   )8. A. couldn’t  B. wouldn’t  C.needn’t  D. mustn’t
        (   )9. A. Because B. Though   C. Whether D. If
        (   )10 A. either  B. nor      C. also    D. too
        It is the afternoon of the Mid-autumn Day. All Yangyang’s friends from London are in his home. They are going to have a dinner party.
        Yangyang is showing them some photos in the sitting room. His parent’s Mr and Mrs Zhang are cooking in the kitchen. His sister is helping them.
        Dinner begins at 6:30. All the young people are sitting at the table. Dishes are coming one after another. They all smell (闻起来) wonderful and taste delicious. Everybody enjoys the meal except (除了) Helen. She can not use her chopsticks. She tries again and again and makes the others laugh(笑). At last she has to use a spoon(勺子).
        Near the end (结束) of the dinner, Yangyang’s parents come and sit between Jack and May. They are happy to be with these young people.
        After the dinner, Yangyang’s father drives the children to the station. They are going to take the night train to Shanghai, for a short visit.
        (  ) 1.All of Yangyang’s friend’s come from ___________.
        A. England  B. America  C. Australia  D. Canada
        (  ) 2.The Chinese meaning of “chopsticks” is __________.
        A.叉子    B盘子    C 筷子    D 铲子
        (  ) 3.The Chinese meaning of “enjoy” is _________
        A 观赏   B 品尝    C 狼吞虎咽  D细嚼慢咽
        (  ) 4.The children laugh because ___________.
        A. the food is very delicious.
        B. they are happy with Yangyang
        C. Mr and Mrs Zhang are very nice to them
        D. Helen can not use her chopsticks.
        (  ) 5.The children are going to the train station ______
        A. on foot   B. by bus  C. by taxi D. in Mr Zhang’s car

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